John Green is walking down his patio, and the wooden step breaks, and he falls right through.

The Fault in our Stairs, chapter 1.

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Carlos pulls out a lazer pointer to play with khoshekh and the lil scamp pounces and paws about the room complete with cat butt wiggle. Then he actually catches to red dot and yanks Carlos off the couch, prancing away with the lazer beam in his mouth all proud.


I’m Dana and this is Jackass

*enters dog park*

If I see one more “it’s a metaphor” post I will literally come and beat the shit out of all of you.


mycroft thought sherlock was in love with irene and he thought sherlock would go back to the drugs when he lost irene. he didn’t.

lo and behold, john gets married and sherlock goes back to the drugs.

what may we deduce about his heart?

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